Courses for Teachers

Developed and Taught by Susan

Facial Fitness: Pilates and Small Balls for the Face, Neck and Jaw (with Nancy Martin)

Knee Deep: Pilates Protocols to Protect and Enhance the Health and Function of the Knee

Moving Toward Balance: A Pilates Approach to Scoliosis (with Chantal Dion)

Rehab Pilates for the Lumbar Spine and Pelvis (with Chantal Dion)

Rehab Pilates for the Cervical and Thoracic Spine (with Chantal Dion)

Beyond the Core: Pilates and Fascia

Perceiving Posture: Assessment Tools for Pilates Instructors

Pre and Post Natal Pilates

Roller, Circle and Weighted Balls for Dynamic Strength and Flexibility


Participant Feedback 

I found Susan and Chantal to be exceptional teachers and facilitators. Their individual knowledge and combined chemistry provided an accessible analysis of the body, kinesthetic principles and innovative support for clients moving intelligently with scoliosis. A most beautiful and bright approach. Thank you. Erin

Moving Toward Balance: A Pilates Approach to Scoliosis was a workshop that changed how I teach not only my clients with Scoliosis, but how I teach all of my clients. Pilates is known for its’ focus on core support, so naturally it would be ideal for clients with scoliosis. Susan and Chantal have combined their expertise to develop an approach that not only addresses the structural needs of clients with scoliosis, but addresses the demands of our daily lives on the body and the implications it has on our patterns of compensation. I walked away with an in depth understanding of scoliosis, and practical applications I could use the very next day with all of my clients. Candy

I was diagnosed with a scoliosis at the age of 12. Pilates changed my life and workshops such as Moving Toward Balance: A Pilates Approach to Scoliosis has helped me deepen my understanding on the different types of scoliosis, their uniqueness and challenges. In addition to learning how to assess a scoliosis, the workshop propelled me towards creating more profound programs for my clients and for myself.  Myriam

Susan Greskevitch and Chantal Dion facilitated a great workshop on the topic of Scoliosis and Pilates.  The theoretical part of the workshop helped me understand the complexities of scoliosis. The practical application was also great. Exercises were demonstrated and discussed that we could use with our clients with scoliosis. I definitely feel more confident and better equipped to address the needs of my clients with scoliosis after taking this workshop.  Stephen

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